2D – Coming Soon in 3D

Come ON, guys! You're only encouraging those other assholes!!!

Went to the picture thee-atres on the weekend with my younger siblings to catch ‘Toy Story 3’ (as previously stated I’m a hooooooge Pixar Fag).

Enjoyed the shit outta the movie which (in my humble opinion) almost holds its own with 1 & 2, which is no mean feat.

However it WAS somewhat disconcerting to sit through the previews for the upcoming slate of children’s cinematic releases…

  • ‘Legend of the Guardians’ – in 3D
  • ‘Rio’ – in 3D, and
  • ‘MegaMind’ – in 2… no wait… that was 3D also.

We’re going to raise a generation of children who see even state-of-the-art CG animation as a passe, dead technology unless they also get to wear cheap, shitty, multi-colored glasses.

Start to start work on the next industry-changing technology, James Cameron.

But for the love of God, please don’t let it be Smell-o-Vision.



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