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#81 in FHM’s ‘100 Sexiest Women’ Poll of 2010

from the Daily Telegraph

That’s right —


When a Balinese man caught his 18-year-old neighbour in his rice paddy field “wooing” some livestock, the young man in question immediately fell back on the ol ‘the-cow-seduced-me’ defense.

The use of the word “wooing” in this news report absolutely kills me… anyway… where were we?

Oh yes – cow fucking.

Busti Ngurah Alit was busted naked, at the business end of the cow, but was quick enough on his feet to claim that a) this wasn’t really his fault, because… b) he hadn’t even seen a cow… instead it had appeared to him as a beautiful woman.


Plus the cow was dressed all slutty, and was totally asking for it.

I’ve read other reports where it says Alit was then forced to marry the cow, before it was drowned in the sea so as not to bring bad luck to his village.

Double Yipes.

It’s like some shady Indonesian Film Noir, with Clarabelle playing the Bovine Fatale.

The only thing I’ve found to make this story even better?

Read it whilst listening to this song:

Now THAT’S sexy, Busti Ngurah Alit!



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