Sleeping tablets, Benny? Really?

That's right kids, drugs are... umm... they're really bad for... see... they aren't good for the human... jeez... would you look at those arms? Sorry, what was I saying?

Infamous AFL star Ben Cousins remains in Intensive Care at the Epworth Hospital this morning, after being found yesterday suffering what Richmond club officials described as an adverse reaction to a sleeping tablet.


For those unawares, Cousins is Australian Football’s most notorious reformed drug addict, having spent time out of the game after being banned for cocaine abuse in 2008.

I sincerely wish Cousins the best of health and a swift recovery – he’s had a shitty few years. But sleeping tablets? I find it strange that no one has even made mention of this possibly tangentially linked story from last year, linking NRL players with Sleeping Tablet / Red Bull benders.

Any chance a recovering cocaine and alcohol addict might be interested in a “euphoric high” from legal prescription medication that is undetectable in elite athlete drug testing?

All speculation on my part, I’ll grant you, and probably 100% wrong. But still…

I will say that the AFL’s reaction to this situation will be interesting. Reading between the lines, Richmond has long been aware that Cousins habitually takes sleeping tablets and still enjoys a drink or three. Add that to the fact they’ve admitted to giving him No-Doz caffeine tablets on match days, and you’ve got quite the chemical cocktail…

A solid message to send to the ‘children’ that the AFL always spends so much time tip-toeing around:

So long as you obtain your miscellaneous uppers and downers legally, then it’s allllllll good.

Get well soon, Ben.



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