I’ll have a McDarwin and Cheese please

Proof positive that the eventual extinction of the human race will almost definitely be self-inflicted:


I said I wanted a DOUBLE Whopper!

Taiwanese dentists are urging fast food chains in their country to reduce the size of their hamburgers, due to a growing number of jaw injuries.

Seems our jaw’s are designed to consume objects no more than 4 centimeters tall (get your minds out of the gutter…), and some burgers are now almost double that size.

Robot apocalypse… Zombie apocalypse… Animal apocalypse… now we’ve gotta worry about a Fast-Food apocalypse too?!?!

Or some kind of weird hybrid even?

Now, I like to consider myself a burger enthusiast, but I’m yet to have one of those “…bring me a cheeseburger that’ll hurt me” kinda days.

That being said, I’m only half way through production on the TV show I’m currently working on… and there’s probably been a few days where death by Big Mac looked pretty freakin good.

Nevertheless, the Dude abides.

Until next time, remember everybody:

  • Chew chew chew swallow, and
  • Just because we now possess the technology to make hamburgers roughly the size of a Volkswagon, doesn’t mean you’re obliged to eat one.



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