What’s in a name? A final word on the World Cup

Ahhh... the Beautiful Game...

It’s over! It’s finally over!

The 2010 World Cup Final has come and gone, with Spain ultimately triumphing over the Netherlands 1-0 in extra time. In what has been described as a spiteful match, 1 red card and 12 yellow cards were issued, 46 fouls were called by officials, and 9 noogies and/or Chinese burns were administered.

My take on the result?

Spain was ALWAYS going to win this game. ALWAYS.

One look at the respective nickname for each team should be enough to convince you of that.

Spain’s team is ‘La Furia Roja’, which translates to ‘The Red Fury’.

The Netherlands team sport the not-quite-so-impressive ‘Oranjes’.

Or ‘Oranges’.

But why do they... oh. It's cool... never mind


What? You think my analysis is frivolous, my perspective disrespectful or flippant?

Well, when so many people emotionally involved in a sporting tournament take the predictions of a prescient Cephalopod seriously, I feel I’m justified in presenting a somewhat less than thorough analysis.

And now if we burn him for a witch, we get Calamari!

Here’s hoping the Socceroo’s at least consider Paul the Octopus for that Australian head coaching gig I hear is going… he can’t be a hell of a lot worse than Pim Verbeek.



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