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British research scientists have once and for all resolved the question ‘Which came first: the Chicken or the Egg‘.

Turns out it was the Chicken (obviously!). And they can prove it by spouting a lot of technicalalised hoo-haa about a protein called ‘Ovocleidin’, or ‘OC-17’.

"Chicken Egg, now here we come, right back where we started from, Chicken Egg nowwwwwww..."

As this protein is essential in the development of the egg’s hard shell, and it can only be found in a pregnant Hen’s ovaries… well… you do the math. Plus, they used “high-tech computers” to prove their theory, so it’s gotta be true, right?

It’s a victory for the Chickenites over the Eggies, worldwide.

Funnily enough, the British boffins who’ve solve this Egg drama without a shadow of a doubt… in the same breath admit that they still have no idea where the O/G Chicken comes from. Which was kind… of… the whole… point to… the… uhh…


Are you as comforted as I am that in this crazy, workaday world of ours we can still rely on the good men and women of Science™? They will always be there, people upon whom we can rely to address mankind’s really BIG problems.

Fuck Cancer… Heart Disease… Famine… if that Chicken/Egg dilemma hasn’t been keeping YOU up nights too, then you’re nothing but a Robot!

A heartless, soul-less Roooooooboottttttttt!



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