They’re Back (For Good)

Hope your Nostalgia Gland is fully functional on this fine Friday morning…


No no, they were SERIOUS musicians. Really.

For at least one year… which, come to think of it, sounds slightly more like a court-enforced sentence than a reunion… but whatever.

This is probably what ‘Take That’ are best remembered for:


Remember only a few years ago when Robbie Williams was a Pop Icon? OK, not in America perhaps… but in those countries still part of the Commonwealth, he was a Solo Sensation™. I guess living like you were a 21st century Caligula for a couple of years means you can burn through money pretty quick… but Robbie… ‘Take That’? Is playing second banana to Gary Barlow really worth it?

It also makes me wonder if ‘Band – Band Split – Solo Projects – Band Reunion‘ is now just a standard part of serious long-term business planning in the music industry.

In any case, rejoice ‘Take That’ fans. For $100 a ticket you’ll get to see a bloated version of your teenage idols on a world tour, very soon.

Personally, I’m going to hold out a little longer for the ‘All Saints’ / ‘East 17’ / ‘5ive’ reunion super-tour.

And just like THAT, I become the first person to reference 5ive in any way in over a decade

Who’s with me?



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