Headline of the week


from News of the World

Wow… the headline basically says it all, huh.

British woman Christina Saunders wasn’t initially interested in the TV series ‘Sex & the City’, but whilst stuck on the couch with the flu one day 10 years ago, she thought she’d give it a try.

‘Inspired’ by the sexually liberated character of Samantha, Christina soon made it her mission to sleep with 1000 men, a feat she finally managed to achieve last month at a friend’s party.

Saunders admitted some of her friends weren’t completely supportive, and may have”accused her of being a slut”.

And now? She just wants to settle down, and find a man who loves her for her… one who she doesn’t give a score out of 10 based on sexual performance, presumably.

The word ‘inspired’ is the kicker here, I think…

I guess we just thank Christ that Christina didn’t settle down to watch ‘The Sopranos’ on that fateful day in 2000, lest she’d decided to pursue a life of mafioso excess and criminal impulses.

Or ‘Alias’, which could have driven Saunders to be a double-super-triple undercover secret agent who owned many colorful wigs.

Or ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’, which…

Sarah Michelle Gellar helps me illustrate 'Staking a Joke to Death'

It just goes to show you though, if you have a dream you shouldn’t let ANYTHING stand in your way –

Not your friends. Not your better judgment. Not venereal disease.




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