Labor? Liberal? Lasagna?

"I think it's perfectly clear what we as a party stand for... uhh... umm... the opposite of what she done just said!"

Word leaking out of Canberra is that the televised federal election debate between Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott is being shifted to 6:30pm this Sunday night (rather than 7:30).

The reason?

Were the debate to air at 7:30, it would be shown directly opposite the final episode of ‘Masterchef’, which would have a significant effect upon how many people nationwide see Gillard run verbal rings around Yabbottttttt.


Which suggests two things:

  1. Were he to run, Matt Preston would probably have a better-than-average chance of being elected our new Prime Minister, and…
  2. Tony Abbott may be best served within the framework of the debate to avoid mentioning party policy entirely, in favor of instead whipping up a mouth-watering Chocolate Fondant.

With an Amaretto Milkshake! Don't forget the Amaretto Milkshake!!!

May the best talkerer prevail on the night…



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