Sympathy for the Devil: A BPM Poll

A quandary this weekend, people, and it’s up to you to put this question to bed for me.

Who’s managed to unwittingly create the more unlikely ‘hero’?

  • AFL team the Western Bulldogs, for eliciting a degree of public sympathy for Jason Akermanis after sacking him this week?

"Sure, maybe I did stab myself repeatedly in the back... but my team-mates should have warned me I was holding a knife!"


  • ‘Dance(r) With the Stars’ Tamara Jaber, for actually creating a degree of public sympathy for her (now) ex-husband ‘Vile’ Kyle Sandilands?

Ewww... uhh, Tamara, you've got something stuck to the front of your dress

If you’d asked me a few weeks ago I’d have thought neither was possible. Akermanis was (at best) a cult figure, beloved by a small portion of die-hard Bulldogs supporters desperate for their first AFL premiership in more than 50 years.

And Sandilands remains famous for being Australia’s most-hated radio personality / judge of reality-TV talent / sexual inquisitor of minor’s.

Tough call…

I wouldn’t worry too much about either man, though. There are few media figures better at destroying public sentiment towards them (and quickly) than both Jason and Kyle.

I’m interested in YOUR opinion… as is Tony Abbott, I’m sure.

Because not only is Julia Gillard a Western Bulldogs supporter who this week sided with her club for dumping Aker as it was in the party… sorry… team’s best interests, but also because it goes to show how the actions of a fiery red-headed woman can make even Kyle F’n Sandilands seem somehow relatable and more human.

Which would mean perhaps there’s hope yet for Big Tony before August 21st.

In the meantime until Laurie Oakes can find a way to link Julia Gillard and Tamara Jaber in a single sentence, continue visiting the Button Pushing Monkey for Australia’s finest political analysis.



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