Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive & Dodge: The Australian National Dodgeball Team

Best of luck to the Australian National Dodgeball Team, who are on their way to Las Vegas to compete in the 2010 World Dodgeball Championships.

Natural athletes, every one of 'em.

A bunch of unfit blokes in their 30’s, The Emus should serve as an inspiration to us all:

If you don’t achieve your goal to play representative sport for your country… well… find a loophole.

Team captain and Australian Dodgeball Association president Burt Sigsworth had been watching the movie ‘Dodgeball’ with some mates one night when it dawned on him to Google as to whether Australia even had a Dodgeball team.

Finding none in existence, Sigsworth and his pals quickly registered the ADA, formed The Emus, and picked themselves as our official national squad.

But are they taking the championships (set to take place next month) seriously?

You betcha – they get together once a week to watch the movie (accompanied by the odd beer I’m guessing), and to throw a ball at one another.

Sure, they may not be very fit. And probably not incredibly skilled. In fact, gauging from Frotop’s little video, they probably suck on a level previously unimaginable.

But this isn’t about results – it’s about national pride (I think). I’ll salute our brave boys in the green and gold. I’ll support their right to sing the dirty version of ‘Beneath the Southern Cross’ made famous by the Australian cricket team. And I’ll even shed a tear as they doff their baggy yellow caps which bear the True-Blue Australian team credo:

Carpe Pilas

Which roughly translated means, “Seize the Balls”.

Good luck, guys. Our balls are in your hands.



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