What? How much money do YOU make in a year then!?!

Turns out that nobody can fathom how much money professional athletes are paid these days…

So the next time you’re at the supermarket agonizing over whether to buy that pack of Pringles, or the Kettle potato chips instead because they’re on sale, ponder this:

Joe Johnson is perhaps one of the NBA’s top 20 players. Definitely not top 10, but top 20 or so… ? Sure.

He just re-signed a contract with the Atlanta Hawks for U.S $119 million over 6 years.

Or, roughly $19.3 million per season.

Do you know how hard it is to play basketball with a cane and top hat?

That’s a lot of potato chips.

Forever yours whilst I realize Joe Johnson just earned more in the time it took me to type this post than I’ll see this entire year,



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2 Responses to “What? How much money do YOU make in a year then!?!”

  1. cheneetot08 Says:

    Well clearly the franchise is happy with his performance,resulting to the extension of his contract.

    • buttonpushingmonkey Says:

      That’s a $100 million+ investment not to make your team of a championship calibre or even significantly better, but rather one made in the hope that it doesn’t get any worse.
      But I will admit however that’s an easy statement to make for a cheap-ass dude from Melbourne who doesn’t own a professional sporting franchise.
      Not yet, anyway 🙂

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