‘Inception’ ripped off… Scrooge McDuck???

That’s right…

THIS guy

According to comicbookmovie.com, it seems one of this year’s highest grossing films bears a disturbing resemblance to the Scrooge McDuck comic, ‘Dream of a Lifetime’.

Chew on that, Nolan fans!

One of the freshest voices in contemporary film-making may have stolen the plot for his latest opus from a comic strip about an exorbitantly wealthy water-fowl!

Or, alternatively, perhaps he definitely frigging didn’t.

I vote that Tom Berenger plays one of the Beagle Boys in the eventual cinematic adaptation

Still, it is fun to think that the people who walked out of ‘Inception’ scratching their heads were essentially bewildered by a plot worthy of a 1/2 hour ‘Duck Tales’ episode.

And so long as we are on ‘Duck Tales’, does that make my fave Canadian cutey-pie, Ellen Page, the Webby of ‘Inception’? I mean, I love me some Ellen Page, but that’s pretty goddamn disturbing.

Nowhere near as disturbing as this though…

Interesting fact: Christopher Nolan actually directed that alternate credit sequence.

OK… no he didn’t. If he had it would have grossed $200 million by now.

You want a reason why Hollywood is steering clear of fresh ideas and original concepts these days? This’d be it. At least you can be reasonably sure that if you release ‘Shrek 12’… you’re probably not going to be sued for stealing some Japanese writer’s fanfiction (‘SuperHappyFunOgre!’, only available online, via PayPal).

Or be accused of plagiarizing a children’s comic strip about the world’s wealthiest duck.

It’s like ol’ Scrooge says, Chris:

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems.



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