That’s not a tax bill… THIS is a tax bill!

I give you Australia's most profitable fictional character, no more

Been fun to watch the interplay between Paul Hogan and the ATO recently.

The Tax Office has reputedly settled on a number Hoges owes them for unclaimed earnings during the 80’s, and he’s forbidden to leave the country until he settles the debt.

A nice round number somewhere between $95 and $150 million dollars.


To be fair, the ATO has admitted that Hogan’s undeclared income was only about $37.6 million. The extra $112.4 million? Well, that’s just interest and penalties, of course.

I’ll say it again… Wow.

Hoges is either totally F’d in the B, or we best start preparing ourselves for a shit-ton more ‘Crocodile Dundee’ sequels.

‘Crocodile Dundee IV: A New Hope’?

I hope so.

For your sake, Mr. Hogan.



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