Stephanie Rice withdraws from Commonwealth Games due to foot (in mouth) injury

Rice with a gold medal she won in 2008 for the 400 Metres Being Totally Heterosexual

“Glamour girl” and “Queen of the pool” Stephanie Rice may think twice about her Twitter habits after an unfortunate incident this Saturday night.

Moments after Australia’s thrilling defeat of South Africa in a Rugby Union international, an adrenalized Rice must have been looking for the exact way to express her joy, the jubilation, her nationalistic pride.

And what better way than to tweet:

“Suck on that faggots!”


Any chance we may have misinterpreted what… she… umm… never mind.

She's OK with lesbians though

On behalf of said “faggots”, gay ex-rugby star Ian Roberts has been quick to condemn Rice’s ridiculous comments, telling News Ltd “She is an idiot … and anyone who continues to endorse her as an athlete is an idiot as well”.

A good point well made.

But facts are facts:

Stephanie Rice could make a series of public statements so homophobic that they’d offend Fred Phelps, if she was that way inclined. But so long as she wins at least one gold medal in London in 2012, she’ll be offered all the breakfast cereal endorsements you could shake a swimming cap and pair of goggles at.

Except for Rice Bubbles, obviously.

Cause I don’t know what you think… but that Snap and Crackle… they always DID seem a little swishy, huh.



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