Run (Snort) & Swim: The Ben Cousins Biathlon

Cousins shakes the pesky tag of Constables Molloy, Nastoulis and Hewitt...

Think you’re in good shape?

Sure, maybe you can run a good time around the Tan. Maybe you still play competitive sport of a weekend. Or perhaps you power through the odd Spin or Zumba class at the gym.

But are you ready for the Ben Cousins Biathlon?

A Facebook group has been created to commemorate Ben’s infamous escape from the police on foot in Perth on February 12th 2006. The route looks a little something like THIS:

The West Coast Eagles ran really elaborate time trials at training...

Legend has it that Cousins saw a booze bus on the Canning Highway, so he abandoned his then girlfriend in the car and ran like hell for several kilometres across hilly terrain (outsprinting a gaggle of police officers) before reaching the Canning River.

Ben then jumped in the water and swam almost halfway to the opposite riverbank before realizing he’d probably drown if he tried to complete the entire crossing. So he turned back, swam for shore, and proceeded to run shirtless and barefoot along the coast until reaching a restaurant where he demanded a glass of water and to use the phone. He finished by denying that he was actually Ben Cousins to staff and patrons, and was instead “Ben Cousins’ twin brother”.

Oh, and he wasn’t drunk or high at the time… just fleeing to “avoid the media madness“.


The Facebook group organiser Damon Bull has set up the mini-marathon to be run on February 12th 2011, so as to coincide with the 5 year anniversary of Ben’s booze bus bolt. Thus far it has attracted over 4600 promised attendees.


Rumours the biathlon will wrap up with a Ben Cousins Meal Deal for all competitors (no food, just Coke and Ice) remain unfounded.



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One Response to “Run (Snort) & Swim: The Ben Cousins Biathlon”

  1. Dean Callaghan Says:

    this is gold, well done.

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