Button Pushing Monkey II: The Return-ening


A not entirely accurate depiction of contemporary air travel - look how much leg room that guy has!

I’m back.


And after a week to settle in, the jet lag burned out long before the bitterness ever will.

A world of pop culture peon’s plead for skewering, and we shall reach them all in good time. In the meantime, an answer to a rhetorical question I previously posited, that no one really cares about:


Contemporary Egypt, sadly, is not like the 1999 film ‘The Mummy’.

Unless there is a deleted scene I missed somewhere, during which Brendan Fraser’s quest to defeat Imhotep is halted by a legion of sweaty native’s. They physically detain him in a marketplace, whilst feverishly trying to sell “this genuine Egyptian Alabaster Scarab, just 5 pounds… 5 pounds… 3 pounds… real Alabaster! OK, 2… just 2 pounds!”


"Look out! They're coming back with scarves made out of real silk! And souvenir postcards! Laaaaaaa Shukraaaaannnn!"


More posts to come shortly. Oh, and Jessica Alba? A warning… you’re sacred cow number 1 on my list.

Be seeing you reaaaaaaalll sooooooooon.



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