Do They Know It’s Shits-mas Time At All?

"... and Santa brings naughty little boys and girls starving Ethiopian children for Xmas"

There’s self-deprecating, and then there’s Sir Bob Geldof.

Geldof told the UK’s Daily Mail this week that he feels responsible for two of the worst songs in history, ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ and it’s US spin-off ‘We Are the World’.

The man obviously hasn’t been listening to any of the drivel currently occupying the UK Top 40 charts. Anybody want to listen to Cheryl Cole’s latest offering instead of that charitable song for Band Aid one more time… ? Anyone? Anyone at all?

Didn’t think so.

“Any day soon, I will go to the supermarket, head to the meat counter and it will be playing. Every f***ing Christmas”.

I might place more faith in what Sir Bob is preaching if he hadn’t re-recorded a 2nd version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ in 1989.

And a third version in 2004 for Band Aid 20.

Sorry Bob. I’m not sure this song is even the worst track in your back catalogue…

At least those other songs made a little bit of many for those less fortunate than the rhythm section of the Boomtown Rats…



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