Schadenfreude at its absolute finest


It's at perhaps THIS point that I'd be re-assessing my decision to play Evil Knievel with my Papa and his Audi

Who else is a complete sucker for a game show gone horribly wrong? So much the better if it’s from a non-English speaking country… thank you, Germany.

‘Wetten dass’ has been one of the most popular German television programs for almost 3 decades (apparently). But, even after 30 years on the air, no one thought it might not be an incredibly smart idea to attempt this stunt:

Impromptu human crash test dummy Samuel Koch’s condition was initially considered life threatening, and he has since undergone multiple surgeries for injuries sustained trying to jump over a moving car being driven by his father.

I’ll say it again…

Trying to jump over a moving car being driven by his father.

Two words, people – Natural. Selection.

And as a result of this accident Justin Bieber’s planned appearance on this same show had to be cancelled at the last-minute.

Am I the only one struggling to find a downside to this horrible, horrible ‘tragedy’? Or am I just a bad person?

Let’s just say it’s an even combination of both and call it a day.

Auf wiedersehen,



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