Breasts, Katy Perry coming to The Simpsons

Fans should be aware that on her next concert tour Katy will now actually be the opening warm-up act for her own boobs

Katy Perry really ain’t gonna let that infamous Sesame Street Slight of her bosoms slide, is she?

News out of the States is that she’s now going to be appearing in a live-action segment for ‘The Simpsons‘.

As herself.

Surrounded by… puppets?

If you guessed she’d be wearing an outfit primarily constructed of PVC, then take a bow.

What do you get the woman who has everything for Xmas? How's about an outfit made of... I dunno... cotton perhaps?

Question # 1: Puppets…? On ‘The Simpsons’? Really?

Question # 2: You’re gonna break precedent and do live-action… for Katy Perry?

Question # 3: Someone decided the way to top the controversial Banksy opening credit sequence in this season was to throw a couple of Moe / cunnilingus gags into a Xmas special?

Yes, they actually did that.

Kudos to Al Jean for sullying what ‘The Simpsons’ means to people in an entirely new, hip, fresh way.

And also to Katy… because going along with the ‘Moe puppet is eating me out’ joke is the first time in recent memory that she’s chosen to take ALL of the focus off her magical cleavage.

Sure it’s by focusing on her vagina instead, and not her music or anything…


Those are two magical little guys...

But it’s a start.


Baby steps, people. Baby steps…



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