Your WordPress stats in a nutshell…

So I’m a little taken aback when I log on to BPM this morning and see…

Most Active (the past day)

Nick Riewoldt’s penis goes viral 2,427 views

Yay for me! Much like a St. Kilda footballer (allegedly), I’ve touched thousands of people in the last 24 hou… wait… hang on…

Top search words that led people to Button Pushing Monkey:

nick riewoldt penis, nick riewoldt cock, nick riewoldt facebook photo, nick riewoldt naked photo, nick riewoldt

Aww crap!

Just to clarify for those who are willing to / are capable of reading this far…

This blog contains no pictures of Nick Riewoldt, or any other AFL footballer’s genitals.

There’s a disclaimer I never imagined writing…

From now on all language will be toned down on this blog, and I’ll be posting photos of kitties and puppies only.

No sex scandal here... at least I hope not

Mind you… 2,427 hits… that’s a LOT of people hoping for a peek at St. Nick’s junk.

Either women are wayyyyyyy more active in the googling of lewd photography than I had previously thought, or else St. Kilda has a an untapped supporter demographic just begging to be taken advantage of.

It’s just a pity an AFL ‘Men for All Seasons’ calendar shot entirely on camera phone’s in hotel rooms, bars and public bathrooms can’t be in stores before Xmas. AFL merchandising could’ve made a mint…



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