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Ever stumble across something so vile it completely ruins your day in a freakin heartbeat?

No, I don’t mean shit like ‘Two Girls, One Cup’ for those with their minds in the gutter.

I mean the charming opinions of enlightened thinkers like Shirley Phelps-Roper, the daughter of Fred Phelps, and Megan Phelps, Freddie’s grand-daughter

For those unaware, Fred is the self-appointed head of the Westboro Baptist Church, one of the most notorious hate… sorry… “religious” groups in the United States.

He’s the brainiac behind the website He’s perhaps most famous for picketing the funerals of members of the military and homosexuals.

And now he’s proclaimed that God sent the shooter that seriously injured Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 people this week in Arizona, including 9-year-old Christina Greene.

Apparently this little girl deserved to die at the hand of a potentially mentally disturbed gunman

Lets not waste words – these people are E-vil (capital E) zealots, hiding behind their religious freedoms and the right to freedom of speech. And, incidentally, anyone who uses their own freedom of speech to call the WBC out on their outright lies and hypocrisies? They’re accused of hiding behind (and I quote) “fag speak”.


And to tie alllllll this back in to my headline… does Evil have a Twitter feed?

Of course it does! It has several!

Check out Shirley here

And Megan here

Margie Phelps here

Jael Phelps here

And the list goes on and on and on.

You’ll need to check in periodically with these Twitter feeds, dear reader, if you want all the latest details on how the Phelps family and WBC followers plan to picket the funeral of Christina Greene this week.


You can read wayyyyyyyy more about the Phelps family with a few simple Google searches. Go on – it’ll be the most depressing 20 minutes of your life.

And that 20 minutes of research should be more than enough for any sane person to realize there ain’t much that we, as creatures of rational thought and logic, can do to help the WBC. You can’t reason with hysterical bigots this far gone. You can’t attempt any kind of meaningful dialogue. It’s probably best we follow the advice of Lisa Simpson in a Treehouse of Horror ep, and “Just don’t look, just don’t look”.

With that being said, the internet has given everyone (for better and for worse) a voice, to be shouted out from the rooftops… no matter how stupid the thoughts or opinion that voice espouses (look at this blog for example). We cannot bar the Phelps’ from the entirety of the internet any more than we can bar child pornography, or Justin Bieber music videos.

But Twitter… ?

I know so little about actually using Twitter that I’m going to just throw this out there: can anyone really just open an account and spout the kind of hate-fuckery these people do on a daily basis with no real consequences? Do you not get shut down sooner or later by some account administrator for tweeting about God’s wrathful vengeance being invoked upon children like Christina Greene? Is there any kind of line that cannot be crossed, that will not be tolerated?

What point is too far?

Is it when you stop using whatever tools you have at your disposal to spout hate-mongering propaganda, and start marching on Poland?

I’m genuinely curious.

Interested to hear your thoughts,



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5 Responses to “Tweet him @themostevilmanonearth”

  1. Righteous Schimmelbusch Says:

    The only reason that people like this have any profile is because the media, and bloggers, read you, give them one. Ignore them, they go away. Be incensed by them, and they get gooey in the fork for more of that PR jizzy-juice. Jesus man, were you born yesterday?. Why do you fall into their trap and give them what they want?. They’re just circus freaks for the digital age. If you don’t pay your $5 and enter the tent, the circus will leave town. And then Kesha and her foetus bracelet will have a place to set up her tent and annoy you some more. Go have an ice-cream and calm down. Or not.

    • buttonpushingmonkey Says:

      You believe that they’re


      attention seeking monsters, or that they’re attention seeking monsters who truly believe in the shit that they preach?

      There’s an important difference, I think.

  2. Righteous Schimmelbusch Says:

    Your point is a good one, but it’s not important whether I believe that they believe the shit they preach. The important point, and the constant in both of your statements is “attention seeking”.

    If you disagree with their beliefs, but you believe in the concept of free speech, and a free society – which unfortunately means that pin-noids like these have a right to say anything, no matter how reprehensible or preposterous, then just starve them of the oxygen they seek.

    They are the Brock Lesnar’s of religion. I refused to get upset by him or his caveman antics any longer about 3 months ago, and look what happened, he lost the heavyweight title. See, this shit works Monkey.

    Ice cream, mmmmmmmm…….

    • buttonpushingmonkey Says:

      I agree with you in theory.

      I just can’t help but wonder what attention seeking religious zealots do when their non-violent wackiness stops working…

      How long does it take before ‘I’m TELLING you, God agrees with me!’ becomes ‘God will absolve me for whatever act of violence I perform now, because he agrees with me!’… ?

      • Righteous Schimmelbusch Says:

        Here-in lies the beauty of the theory.

        Ignore them, and they have to fork – either return to their hole dis-spirited, or ramp up the intensity of their activities, probably including ramdom acts of violence.

        And then you have two perfect outcomes – either:

        1. they get caught, jailed, meet Mr Big in the shower block, become cell block B’s bitch and are never heard from again (eg. uni-bomber)
        2. or they go up in flames while trying to avoid capture, and again, never get heard from again (David Koresh, Jim Jones)

        Either way, problem solved.

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