Michael Jordan + Bugs Bunny = Internet Bliss!

Frown all you want Mike, Bugs still has a more reliable jumpshot than Will Perdue

Lets take a step back from the more serious side of life for a moment… God knows we’ve earned it this week.

Ever tried explaining to some punk teenager that every stupid trout-pout photo and incoherent OMFG-filled status update that they post on the internet is http://www.nonbio-de-frickin-gradable?

Well, you want some tangible proof to finally back up that argument?

Ladies and gentlemen, I refer you to THIS website…

Which is STILL alive and kicking on the interwebs, just 15 years or so after the release of the movie.

Do yourself a favour… browse for a while… go on, I dares ya.

Ahhh, 1996 – you were a simpler time.

It was a simpler world…



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