Kevin Smith vs the W.B.C: If you can’t beat em’…

That's right... the guy who believes in 'Gretzky-ism' is the voice of reason here

A week ago the majority on this site agreed that the best way to tackle professional hate-mongers like the Westboro Baptist Church was to just ignore them.

Filmmaker Kevin Smith took a slightly different approach.

When Smith, who has an ongoing Twitter love/hate/I-fucking-despise-you relationship with Megan Phelps-Roper, learned that the Phelps Fruit Loops and their wacky band of sign-bearers planned on picketing his new film ‘Red State’ at the Sundance Film Festival, he decided upon a new plan of attack.

He’d plan to protest their protest with a picket line of his own.

See exhibit A:

Because ultimately what power can a sign that reads ‘God Hates Fags’ hold against these beauties, or a score of other signs held up by protest-protesters?

Signs like ‘I like Pop-Tarts!’, ‘God Loves Hugs’, or ‘Magnets: Who understands them?’.

Smith even made his call to arms official, posting a press release on his website, which you can read here.

And any peaceful protest that can stand in the face of irrational fear and hatred whilst invoking the mighty deities Thor, Zuul and Krom…

Is alright with me.



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2 Responses to “Kevin Smith vs the W.B.C: If you can’t beat em’…”

  1. The Pop Culture Pimp Says:

    I defer to Mr Smith and acknowledge that he has come up with a better, more effective, and more importantly – funnier strategy for dis-arming the pin-noids.

    There is nothing more effective than a sign that makes you laugh, and there’s some good ones in that protest:

    God Hates Fat, So Does Southwest Airlines
    God and gays agree, polyester is a sin
    God hates Phelps except Meghan, God thinks Meghan’s hot

    Although, I still think the greatest signs of all time were at Jon Stewart’s Rally for Sanity:

    “If your beliefs fit on a sign…..think harder”
    “I’m here for the gangbang”
    “Cheney still sucks……right?”
    “Can’t we all just get a bong”
    “What would Optimus Prime do?”
    “God hates Times New Roman”
    “End Glee theme nights”
    “This sign is too god-damn big”

    and my personal favourite:

    “Is this the line for Justin Bieber tickets?”

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