That’s how Charlie rolls


You'd probably look like this too if you had to show up to do 'Two & a Half Men' every week


“briefcase full of cocaine”

“porn star”

“rushed to Los Angeles hospital”

“terrified escort

“two day drug bender”

Please understand one thing, people. The story above? This is not a “wild party that ended with him in hospital”.

For Charlie Sheen this is a Thursday.

I’m not going to be worried until I start seeing photo’s of Charlie covered in sores, thousand yard-stare on his face as he staggers along outside a club, draped on the arm of Pete Doherty.

So give it another 6 weeks or so…



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2 Responses to “That’s how Charlie rolls”

  1. The Pop Culture Pimp Says:

    Don’t know about you, but Charlie Sheen fills me with jealously. He is living the life I would give my left nut for.

    • buttonpushingmonkey Says:

      Most celebrities would at least TRY to be somewhat discreet about their more debauched instincts.

      Not Ma-Sheen, though.

      MORE Porn Stars! A different one for each day that ends with the letter ‘Y’! And MORE Blow! MORE! MORE MORE MORE!!!

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