Terrorist Ringtones

I’ll cop to being more than a little morbid, sure, but you’ve GOT to admit there’s something pretty frigging funny about this story…


Terrorism only works with mobile phones built circa 2001...

from heraldsun.com.au

That’s right – a radical religious (is there any other kind?) terrorist inadvertently blew herself up when she received a ‘Happy New Year’ spam text message on the mobile phone that was acting as her detonator.

Perhaps proof positive for all the atheists that just maybe there IS a God / Allah / Buddha / Jehovah / L.Ron out there, and that they DO have a sense of humour.

Or maybe not…


If Islamic male suicide bombers are suckered in by those 72 crispy clean virgins waiting for them in the afterlife, what are the female suicide bombers offered???


P.S – Any objections if I call my first funk-fusion-ska band ‘The Terrorist Ringtones’? No? Good…


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One Response to “Terrorist Ringtones”

  1. Benjamin the Donkey Says:

    I’ve always said that text messaging will be the end of civilisation … never thought it would eventuate in such a literal way.

    And to answer your question, the reward bestowed upon the female Islamic-extremist suicide bomber is that she doesn’t get picked to be among the 72 allocated to the other guy.

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