Vatican Warlock Assassins

As bizarre and borderline incoherent as this clip from Japanese TV may be…

It still makes wayyyyyyy more sense than 99% of the shit Charlie Sheen has said over the past week.

Who knew he was actually this entertaining without a filter? Right now you could film Coked-up Carlos talking to a pot plant for 22 minutes and it would probably rate twice as high as ‘Two & a Half Men’.

That whole “Just Say No To Drugs” ethos is killing your career Jon Cryer!



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2 Responses to “Vatican Warlock Assassins”

  1. Benjamin the Donkey Says:

    Martin Sheen had his fair share of controversy but went on to become Jed Bartlet. My prediction is that Aaron Sorkin will resurrect Sheen Junior’s career casting him as a noble congressman in a West Wing spin off I anticipate will be called “On the Hill”. You read it here first!

    (Either that or he’ll simply become the subject of a Jon Cryer autobiography: “From Hot Shots to Two and a Half Men: My Life with Charlie”)

  2. buttonpushingmonkey Says:

    I’d watch that show!

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