Sheenism: What a Difference a Week Makes…

What a week it’s been in football!

Shall we summarise the last 7 days or so in the world of Carlos?

How’s this:

Vatican Assassin Warlock-Tiger blood-F 18-Adonis DNA-I have one speed GO!-7 gram rocks-Chaim Levine-fire breathing fists-poetry in my fingertips-goddesses-Sober Valley Lodge-Sheen’s Korner-death is for losers-Jefferson was a pussy-going to Haiti-your head would explode-defeating earthworms with my words-biceps too big-on a drug called Charlie Sheen-droopy eyed, armless children-bitchin rock star from Mars-Winning! Bi-Winning! Tri-Winning! Who’s Winning?


Charlie is! Right! Right... ?


Or at least that’s all we heard for 3 or 4 days.

As of today… Winning?

Yeah… not so much.

Say what you will about my fellow douchebag hipsters… we can venerate and grow tired of someone so efficiently it’ll rock your frickin socks off, man.

Maybe after Charlie has managed to systematically destroy his own brand with just a handful of shitty webcasts, a few more people are prepared to realize what’s been WINNING right in front of their face all along:

Charlie Sheen is having a complete and total mental breakdown.

But at least now he has 2 and a half (Men) million Twitter followers to ride the psychiatric illness train with him. And THAT’S the important thing!

You see, even I can’t hide behind a veneer of true compassion or empathy anymore. I’d say it was sometime after seeing clips from Sheen’s Korner Ep 2 that I instinctively reacted not with any real concern, but instead with the thought:

Hate on Chuck Lorre all you want, man… but your ass REALLY needs a writer!

Nothing to do now but see if the Chaim-ster really does get this bizarro-world version of ‘Two & a Half Men’ off the ground with Rob Lowe instead of Charlie Sheen.

And John Stamos instead of Jon Cryer.

And what the hell… Joey Lawrence instead of Angus T. Jones.





Get well soon Charlie.




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