It’s Important to Aim High

Sure it is…

Then again, perhaps sometimes you can aim too high.


Oh when the Saints go marchin innnnn...



In a nutshell?

The “St. Kilda Schoolgirl” (can we please just call her by her name already?!? Kim. There. I said it) tweeted yesterday:

“WEEOOWWW!!! Meeting with two producers from LA tomorrow for an audition in an upcoming movie !!!!!!!”

I get tired just looking at all those exclamation marks.

One more time folks – THIS is the genius that managed to Outwit Outlast & Outplay the better part of an entire football club and the highest profile player manager in the AFL.

And yet I still get the feeling that if one were to mumble “delusions of grandeur” within earshot of her, she’d think you were talking about an expensive kind of chocolate dessert.

Best of luck kid, and remember:

In porn it’s only acting if you’re not actually enjoying it.



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