On Blake Lively, and relentless cynicism

Is it a comforting thought when you realize your slow evolution into the most cynical person on the planet is almost complete?

I’m not sure.

‘News’ broke yesterday of yet another leaked nude celeb scandal. This week’s celebrity naughty parts belong to Gen-Y starlet, Blake Lively.

x-o-x-oh oh

No, I ain’t posting any of the pictures in question this time. I still have people trawling this site for THAT censored photo of Lara Bingle.

I’m peripherally aware of Blake because The Wife is a sucker for ‘Gossip Girl’. When I first heard mention of this story, I clicked on it, sure.

Not because I’m any fan of the show. I clicked on it primarily because:

a) I like boobs, and

b) I like celebrity boobs even more so.

As per usual, the scandalized star in question has had a publicist emerge to denounce the internets whilst simultaneously claiming the pictures are 100%, absolutely positively, I’m super-serial this time FAKE!!!  

And how many times must we do this dance, Nessy?!?

Turns out this time I instinctually believed the photos were indeed fake, without even having to closely analyse them for a really, really long time or anything.

Now, was it because I thought ‘She seems like such a nice girl, I don’t believe she’d do such a thing!’

Was it because only one photo contained a blurry (at best) view of her face?

Was it because the body appeared totally disproportionate to any picture I’ve ever seen of Blake Lively?

Was it because the girl is holding a white iPhone 4? See, the detective in me can then deduce the photos would have to be extremely recent… and the gossip magazines tell me Lively has just started dating Leonardo DiCaprio… and who sends candid cell phone snaps 3 weeks into a relationship???

No, no, no and no.

I didn’t believe the photos were legit because Lively doesn’t have anything to promote at the moment.

‘Green Lantern’ is still 3 weeks at least away from being released in cinemas. ‘Gossip Girl’ is on hiatus.

This being a legitimate invasion of a young woman’s privacy never even entered my mind.


When you begin mentally cross-referencing ‘accidental’ nudity with the summer release schedule, it’s officially game over, right?


P.S – Blake, you totally rocked in ‘The Town’.  




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