Internet Debating 101


Because someone who can introduce the word ‘dickfinity’ to your everyday lexicon deserves MAJOR props…



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2 Responses to “Internet Debating 101”

  1. Benjamin the Donkey Says:

    Who do you think you are, posting such a ridiculous load of crap like that? BPM once stood for truth, justice and something-or-other but you have clearly dropped the ball on this one! I will now commit to reading EVERY blog on this site for the sole purpose of discrediting, refuting and piss taking any and every claim, suggestion, insinuation, opinion and thought published.

    Walk away? I say no. I say nay! I saw NEVER! My life serves a higher purpose – I am Churchill to your 6xHitlers, Loki to your Thor (or am I Thor?), Wilson to your Stiller, Harry to your Sally – and no amount of fake orgasms in public will distract me from my mission.

    And though they me award me a rating of dickfinity, they will never take … my freedom (to post things online).

    For what we do in the blogosphere, echoes in social media sites.

    (What’s the emoticon for irony?)

    • buttonpushingmonkey Says:

      Well played, Benjamin. Well played…

      Though to be truly effective your comment would need to be typed ENTIRELY IN CAPS, WITH A COMPLEAT LACK OF GRAMER AND SPELLKING, MORE FUKKING SWEARING N A RACIST OUTBERRST OR 2!!!!!!!!!!

      AND XKLMATION MRX!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS OF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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