BPM – the Ape who said “Why not???”

If you think we got political in my last post, then strap yourselves in peeps – here’s where we attempt to create some REAL change in the world:

I firmly believe that Andy Serkis deserves an Academy Award nomination next year for his incredible performance as Caesar in ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’.

For realsies.

I’ll confess that when I saw the initial trailer for this flick a few months ago, I was a little cynical… right up until the point where we see a gorilla leap off the Golden Gate Bridge and take down a helicopter. That one shot guaranteed my 17 bucks.

But I remained sceptical. I think over the past 10 years we’ve seen CGI take massive leaps. I recently re-watched the ‘Harry Potter’ DVD’s over the space of a week, and some of the early effects now look incredibly dated compared to what we see in 2011.

But even with what I’d consider good CG… Gollum in ‘LOTR’, several moments in ‘King Kong’, Brad Pitt as Benjamin Button, ‘District 9’, ‘Avatar’, and more recently the downsized Chris Evans in ‘Captain America’… I’ve still been yet to suspend disbelief long enough to forget that THAT’S NOT REAL.

Enter Andy Serkis, THE pioneer in motion capture performance (sorry Rob Zemeckis, and your creepy, Xmas-themed, quasi-animated zombielike movies).

Caesar lives, he breathes… he delivers a fantastic, emotional performance.

You believe in that character. You empathize with that character. If you can make it halfway through this film without realizing you’re now firmly pro-simian / anti-human, then YOU, sir, are a robot.

I was really interested to hear recently that Serkis has been acting as a 2nd Unit director for Peter Jackson on ‘The Hobbit’. Wouldn’t it be incredible to see this guy develop his skills behind the camera for a few years, then turn to directing films that are similarly motion-capture heavy? What more could any actor ask for than to work under the guiding hand of the world’s greatest artist in this new medium?

Just a thought…

For those not so intrigued with the process of motion-capture, I highly recommend ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ regardless. Great storytelling, good performances, a script which realistically retcon’s the Apes mythos much the same way ‘Batman Begins’ did for Batman, or ‘Casino Royale’ did for James Bond.

Plus Caesar manages to do in 30 minutes what Harry Potter couldn’t do in 8 freakin movies… he schools Draco Malfoy’s ass in a big, bad way.

Until awards season rolls around, let us dream… sure, perhaps Producers of the flick make a few concessions by pushing Andy Serkis for a Best Supporting Actor nod instead of Best Actor. No need to rock the boat too much so soon.

But is is too much to hope that members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences recognize a good thing when it’s right in front of them?!?!

Because if you can nominate Nicole Kidman for an Oscar 3 times over the past decade alone, then Serkis DEFINITELY deserves to be thrown a bone (or a banana) at least once…



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