Emo Darth: Here we go again… again

To anyone else who was looking forward to the blu-ray release of the original ‘Star Wars’ trilogy this month, well… you may wanna skip this post.

Enjoy the latest piece of OG tweaking:

The Greedo Shot First movement is shitting in their cereal right now.


I mean REALLY sigh…

If anyone can give me one good reason why you’d insert another goddamn ‘Nooooooooo!!!’, then I’d love to hear it.

I don’t know… the conspiracy theorist in me thinks maybe it’s a deliberate and permanent attempt to destroy the things the old school fan base loved about the original series in the first place. Focus solely on the new generation of kids who’ll keep buying action figures regardless of what changes are made, whilst trying to drive the adults towards whatever bullshit WWII fighter pilot movie you’re producing now.

George Walton Lucas Jnr - Raping your childhood nostalgia AND your bank account since '97

All I know is I can’t believe I already laid down $100+ on a pre-order for this bullshit.



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