Is Facebook Advertising profiling me?!?!?

We’ve all seen them… the annoying little ads that pop up on the right hand side of your Facebook page.

And I assume there must be SOME kind of algorithim in place that selects the ads. You list you’re engaged – you get wedding related services. You post about your favourite footy team – you get sports betting links.

Which is why I was more than a little confused / amused when I last looked and saw an advert with THIS text:

I Paid Off My Mortgage!

in 5 years, and became debt free. You can too! Find out how – Click here

Fair enough, Spam-bot. What I didn’t expect was to see THIS photo accompanying the ad:

OK… attractive bikini-clad girl on a yacht… she COULD be some kind of financial wizard. Maybe she HAS paid off her mortgage in 5 years… good for her, you say.

Only problem being is that I recognized the girl in this photo.

The story goes that about 3 years ago, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was sensationally removed from office. During his brief time as Governor he proposed a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in New York, as well as issuing an executive order allowing illegal immigrants to be issued driver’s licenses.

Decent guy, family man, all round stand-up fella.

Except it was then revealed in 2008 that Spitzer was a member of the Emperors Club vip, a club that provided extremely expensive, high class callgirls.

Spitzer was accused of having spent something close to $80,000 over the years on prostitutes, including several thousand buckeroos on his favourite, a 23-year-old woman named Ashley Alexandra Dupre.

If you guessed that the girl above in the white swimsuit is Ashley Dupre, congratulations, you win a prize*.

So, to recap, Facebook is telling me it has the answer to my financial woes. And all I have to DO to pay off my entire mortgage in half a decade… is… welllll… dudes like THIS guy:

Only for a few years, max.


Thanks for the tip Facebook, but I might just stick with the whole 9-5, earn-my-moneys-keeping-my-pants-on lifestyle.

I’m boring like that.


* prize will not be a high-class prostitute, sadly


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2 Responses to “Is Facebook Advertising profiling me?!?!?”

  1. Benjamin the Donkey Says:

    Are you suggesting the prize might be a prostitute of another description? A low-to-middle class one perhaps?

    In any event, kudos to her for doing it her way, which happens to be doing him his way.

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