Dakota Fanning, Marc Jacobs, and the dying art of subtlety

Remember when fragrance advertising was all about granite jawed men with white business shirts open to reveal their chiselled pecs, and women with flawless ivory skin, wearing exotic ball gowns, running down flights of marble stairs?

They’d be shot in black and white, invariably set in some expensive hotel suite. There’d be an operatic music score, all for a scent with same vague but evocative name, like Obsession, or Insolence, or some such shit.


Hmm… no, me neither.

I only ask because I saw this at my local pharmacy on the weekend. Take a good look.


A poster featuring a 17-year-old child-star…

In a delicate little pink dress…

With a large perfume bottle wedged firmly between her legs…

A bottle capped with a large blossoming pink and red rose…

Named Oh Lola!


You actually PAY people to come up with that ad campaign??? It’s not clever, it’s not alluring, it’s not sexy or artistic in any way, it’s just presenting a deliberately transgressive image purely for shock value. Why not just call it Dakota’s Fanny, and be done with it!

And no… HELL NO… I didn’t take a whiff of the sample fragrance card available. I was legitimately scared that the resultant olfactory experience might be EXACTLY what I was afraid of.

Lolita — sorry, Oh Lola! is available in stores now.



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