Make sure you take the photo from my good side

It’s been fascinating to watch the fallout from legendary(ish) singer Meat Loaf’s ‘performance’ at the AFL grand final a few weeks ago.

After reportedly being paid upwards of $500,000 (a number Meat Loaf disputes), we, the people, were treated to a mini-concert so bad it made you more than a little nostalgic for Angry Anderson’s notorious ‘Bound for Glory’ / batmobile segment during the 1991 half-time entertainment.

For those who may have missed it, I’ll let you judge for yourself:

In the days and weeks that have followed, you couldn’t help but develop a morbid curiosity in the ensuing blame game. The AFL initially said not to blame Meat Loaf. Instead you should blame the weather. Some fans defended the singer, saying he might’ve just had a bad day, and that he has recently had more than a few health scares (he passed out on stage several times in the months leading up to his visit to Oz).

That was until reviews started pouring in from Meat Loaf’s Australian tour, where reviews consistently mentioned that he still put on a competent show, except the quality of his once mighty set of pipes was now the weakest part of it.

Meat Loaf has countered this week by saying that the AFL are a “bunch of jerks”. Which, in all honesty, is not something most ardent Aussie Rules fans will fight him on. His reasoning however lies in the fact that a) they wouldn’t let him do a decent sound check on stage, b) they wouldn’t let him have a live piano, and c) it was impossible to put on a good show in the area allocated to him anyway.

And that they’re all “butt smellers”.

Always refreshing to hear a 64-year-old man resort to the witty banter of a 9-year-old.

A fact not lost on the Australian media.

Because if there was any confusion…

As to how you were supposed to view Mr. Loaf these days…

Then hopefully by now…

That’s been put to bed…

Amazing how a few carefully chosen images can color your perception of a ‘news story’, huh?

For my part, I kinda feel a little sorry for Meat Loaf. Yeah, he was bad. But he’s an almost morbidly obese man in his mid-sixties. I wouldn’t expect Harrison Ford to be able to play Han Solo convincingly these days, I wouldn’t let Dennis Lillee open the bowling for Australia at this years Boxing Day cricket test match, and I wouldn’t expect Helen Mirren to be even hotter now than she was 40 years a…



Well… 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

* shudder * That jokes so bad now I just feel dirty.

Fare thee well, Mr. Loaf. And thank you… if for nothing than else, than for affording us with a newfound respect for Lionel Ritchie.



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