But… but… 6 seasons and a movie?!

And to think there are moments when I actually wonder why it is that I feel so disenfranchised from the rest of da humans.

Over in the States NBC made it official this week at the release of their mid-season TV schedule – ‘Community’ has been temporarily pulled from its lineup (it’s been replaced by the new season of ’30 Rock’).

So ‘Community’ gets yanked after two and a half seasons, but ‘Two and a Half Men’ is currently sailing through season number 9???

You made Donald Glover cry... I hope you're happy!

I’d say not to panic, that this is nothing to worry about… but we ‘Arrested Development’ fans have been through all of this before.

For those of you who may have missed ‘Community’, and gauging by its ratings that’s more than a few of you, this is great television comedy. Well acted, scripted, directed, cast and performed, it’s that rarest of beasts – a smart network sitcom.

So what chance did it have?

There are online petitions, poster campaigns, twitter handles… but lets face facts – if any of that shit actually counted for anything we’d currently be enjoying season 9 of ‘Firefly’ right now.

So until the death-blow is struck, let us cling to whatever hope remains. And remember folks, they may cancel our favourite television programs…

But they can’t take away our Troy and Abed in the morrrrr-ning…

One of the greatest tongue-in-cheek montages of ALL TIME…

Or our completely healthy and totally understandable crush on Alison Brie…

Lord... where was I?

It’s enough to make a guy up and quit on television… AND I WORK IN THE TELEVISION INDUSTRY!!!

What does that tell ya?

Sigh… if you need me I’ll be in one of Abed’s alternate timelines, 



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