The Evolution of Comedy is… Pranking?




Sigh… why do I start so many of these posts with a disgusted exhalation at the state of the world around me? WHY?!?!?!

I swear to you the only reason this story initially caught my attention was because it happened right around my neck of the woods in sunny Melbourne. Click the link above to read.

Key point here is that self-professed professional comedian and prankster Alki Stevens filmed the latest of his of rib-tickling pranks for YouTube, a skit where he dressed as a zombie and leapt out at unsuspecting passers-by.


I read about Stevens a while ago in our local newspaper, in a story that attempted to make an awfully big deal about the fact that he invented the internet craze ‘cone-ing’. Never heard of cone-ing? It’s where you buy an ice-cream cone from McDonalds, only to take it from the person serving you and hold it by the wrong end / start eating it in a bizarre fashion / stick it to your forehead / etc.

A business card idea for you, Mr. Stevens

As a ‘comedian’, I guess my first question for Mr. Stevens regarding his ability to jump on this zombie fad only… I don’t know… 3 or 4 years after the rest of the internet, would be… why?

More specifically?

What’s the point? What are you trying to say? What’s the ‘joke’ here? Is there even a joke? Is the joke merely to elicit some form of an instinctive response from people?

Even the worst comedy is about something. I’d buy you maybe grasping at straws, and trying to find your own humorous take on the sudden mainstream awareness / media coverage / fear of the walking dead after the now infamous ‘zombie’ attack in Miami a few weeks back… had you not gone to great pains in the story above to specifically say that the timing or any kind of link was purely coincidental.

So as far as I can tell, most of your work relies on people reacting to you doing craaaaazzzzyyyy, disgusting, or unexpected things.

Bravo. You are the fake dog poo of internet comedy.

“Think of all the intricate, well thought out pranks we could do with THIS!”

And on a side note: if I personally saw some fucktard zombie-shuffling after me (or a group of young schoolgirls… seriously you ass clown?!) while I was walking the dog, or leaving the shopping centre, or riding my bike, then yes – I’d punch him as a reflex. I’d punch him likely as hard as I possibly could.

And then I’d punch him again when I saw it was just some idiot with a handi-cam and some fake blood, playing dress-ups.

And then I’d punch him a third time. In the balls. Whilst filming it on my iPhone.

There. Am I an internet comedian and prankster now too?

Who knows… maybe I’m wrong and Alki Stevens really is a comic genius, a voice for his generation. What a shitty reflection on an entire generation that would be.

So, until someday soon when ‘Idiocracy’s’ satirical take on the future of comedy, ‘Oww My Balls’, actually becomes a reality, with its own YouTube channel and everything…

Enjoy your hi-larious pranking and internet comedy, Gen Y. 



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9 Responses to “The Evolution of Comedy is… Pranking?”

  1. Llamas :3 (@MrDAVEdotCOM) Says:

    In my opinion, it’s pretty fucking funny 😀

  2. uradick Says:

    considering this guy is more succesfull than you ever will be with your shit ass blog on some random ass site and nobody knowing who you are

  3. John Says:

    Mate, Alki is an amazing prankster.
    You are sounding a little jealous pal

  4. doubledog Says:

    Your an idiot. And just annoying. Stevens is so funny and his pranks are jokes. There suppose to be pranks. And its funny therefore he’s a good comedian. Idk why your jeleous or maybe your bored. But I usually don’t comment on shit but seriously man, stfu. This guy works hard at what he does and I love it, its so funny. You need to do something productive….why would you bother writing this? What was the point? Idiot.

  5. avenuetwentytwo Says:

    A practical joke or mischievous act.
    trick – lark – mischief – joke – jape – jest

    1.Professional entertainment consisting of jokes and satirical sketches, intended to make an audience laugh.
    2.A movie, play, or broadcast program intended to make an audience laugh.

    The point is Alki is a legend. People laugh at his pranks. He’s done well for himself. What have you done? Successfully written a blog that you don’t get paid for. Kudos!

    Besides, his videos, this prank does say something. That you should always, always, always have a plan in the event of a zombie apocalypse. These people obviously didn’t.

  6. buttonpushingmonkey Says:

    Ahh well, the internet hath spoken.

    And as Mr. Stevens legions of fans have been so kind to explain to me, Alki Stevens = legend, BPM = “shit cunt get a life”.

    Hard to argue with that 🙂 Fair play to you, Mr. Stevens.

  7. Rasiel Says:

    I may be late to this party and I can appreciate a good joke/prank as well as anyone, but if you’re pranking kids and then proceeding to chase people, that’s a bit fucked up..

    I understand jumping out and scaring people for a laugh, but then continuing to chase them.. These places are people’s homes, their neighbourhoods,, etc.. whether he’s dressed as a zombie or not, you’re making people scared of being IN THEIR OWN FUCKING HOMESPACE.. Would all of you like it if your wife or kids came home upset cause all they wanted to do was go for a walk or come home from school and some fucktard decides to traumatise them? I think his status would downgrade from legend to cunt pretty quick if you or a loved one was on the receiving end and it caused them trauma..

    There’s comedy and there’s just being a prick.. Anyone can be a prick..

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