A Monkey’s Lament


A refresher course about ME:

I am pop culture obsessed. I write about any number of things. I blog about bad TV, and awesome movies. I document a generation singularly focussed on the trappings of celebrity, and the occasional kooky news story. I sling metaphorical monkey faeces at modern-day monsters, and enjoy photoshopped images of Velociraptors. 

I own a small, obscure corner of the internet (and that’s just the way I like it) where I rail at my oh-so-many petty grievances.

And I do it for YOU, dear reader. All 6 of you. Or at least that’s what my WordPress stats tell me.

Except for the past few Tuesday’s. On Tuesday’s my readership experiences quite a bump. 2 weeks ago that meant over 2000 visitors to this site in 1 day.

What did I write? What sparkling prose attracted so many new friends? What kind of spectacular insight had I offered into the human condition that resonated so with this new audience?

Not a damn thing.

No, the reason Tuesday is my good news day is solely because of this…

And the dozen or so variants of ‘Lara’ & ‘Bingle’ & ‘Nude’ people subsequently typed into Google Images, which led them right here.

Where there are NO pictures of Lara Bingle nude, I might add. There is one post that touched on the Lara Bingle / Brendan Fevola camera-phone incident a few years back. Apparently that’s all it takes.

THAT is a reality check.

Tim Minchin expressed what I’m feeling far more cleverly (and musically) than I ever could. Ladies and gentlemen, a reminder of the limitations inherent in trying to express yourself artistically in any way on the interwebs:



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2 Responses to “A Monkey’s Lament”

  1. Andrew Says:

    Tim Munchin is awesome.

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