Well… what would YOUR stand-off demands be?


from ninemsn.com.au

When Frederick Denny barricaded himself into a New York hotel room this weekend and threatened to shoot police officers, he decided to aim high when negotiators asked him just what it was that he wanted.

His response? As the headline says, he wanted a pizza.

Oh, and the hand in marriage of millionaire socialite Paris Hilton.

So he aimed high… but not too high.

When negotiations broke down, the fuzz broke down his door, pepper-sprayed the poor schmo, and arrested his ass.

A pity. Because what better way to kick TomKat off the cover of every gossip magazine in the world than with THE CELEBRITY WEDDING OF THE YEAR!!!!

Oh, don’t look so haughty… you’ve done worse

Paris + night vision + Sexy Frederick + pizza… come on, tell me you wouldn’t watch that sex tape.

Rumours that Kris Jenner is trying to convince a second gunmen to hold his own stand-off, whilst demanding a lamb souvlaki and Khloe Kardashian remain completely unfounded…. at this stage, at least.

Though we probably shouldn’t give Kris any more great ideas



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