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The Darkest Knight

March 5, 2013



from BBC News

Because he’s the hero Britain deserves, not the hero it needs right now…

Apparently this guy was really just some dude named Stan (Stan?!?!) who was returning home from a football match that he’d attended in fancy dress, dropping a mate off at the police station.

He doesn’t REALLY think he’s Batman at all. He TOLD the police his NAME, for gods sake!

You don’t tell people your secret identity! That’s like rule number 1 of being Batman: Don’t tell people who you really are!


Unless… you know… you’ve stopped being Batman for 8 years for whatever reason…

Then feel free to tell every single person you meet for the next couple of months that you’re Batman.

So wait... I SHOULDN'T invite all these people back for drinks back at Wayne Manor? They won't make that connection, right?

So wait… I SHOULDN’T invite all these people back for drinks back at Wayne Manor? They won’t make that connection, right?

See how that works out.

Right, Chris Nolan?

Yup. I’m still bitter.



The Gotham High… Goths?

November 23, 2012

Because it’s not such a huge leap to go from this…


To a carefully edited four and a half minute mash-up, featuring almost every star of the Nolan-verse in a handful of your favourite teeny-bopper films…


I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for any upcoming big budget flicks starring Larisa Oleynik as the female lead though.

Ahh 1999… it seemed like you were but yesterday…


How It Should Have Ended: The Dark Knight Rises

August 30, 2012


Once again, massive ups to the awesome site, and their continued genius at skewering all things skewiff in the movie biz.

For the record, I really dug DKR, even if it does have plenty of holes. But that’s a post for another day.


Mermaiding is not a thing!

February 21, 2012


Could YOU resist her siren song?

from the Herald Sun

Yes, you can click on the link above, but the important dot points are as follows:

  1. This chick quit her job in a call centre because, surprise surprise, she found it boring. And, I quote, “…mermaiding is my passion”.
  2. Since she was a girl, Mary McPhail dreamt of becoming a Mermaid.
  3. She now spends all her time at various Melbourne bayside beaches.
  4. She owns a “six tail selection”.
  5. Mary now wants to make a living appearing at corporate gigs, parties, etc.
  6. She claims that Mermaiding is a worldwide trend.


And to think, all this time I’ve spent chained to a frigging desk, shuffling papers and screwing up Excel spreadsheets… when all I needed to do was wish that I was a Mermaid…

Sorry, Mer-MAN!

And then wish that people would pay me for it*. It all seems so obvious now!

Consequently, this blog will be going on a short hiatus while I work out how to tell the wife that I will also be quitting my job because I find it boring. However rather than take the aquatic route, I’ll soon be appearing around Melbourne dressed in a homemade cape and cowl, because as a child I was totally in to Batman.

Dark Knighting is a worldwide trend as well, right?

Because my ridiculous fantasies deserve to be funded too.

I’m pretty sure it’s only a matter of time before the corporate gigs just start rollllling in, but in the meantime cash donations to your favourite caped crusader will be hugely appreciated.


* Then with my third wish, I wish for 3 more wishes… What… ? Mermaids grant wishes, right? Right?

Calvin & Hobbes join the Legion of Doom

September 14, 2010

Yes, posting this is like the final nail in my geeky coffin, but whatev’s…

DC Comics’ Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo recently included this beautiful ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ tribute in the 75th issue of ‘Superman/Batman’.

It’s simply entitled ‘Joker and Lex’:

Click to enlarge


And that Calvin-face in the final panel is so friggin genius it’s ridiculous.

Kudos, gentlemen.