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Further and further down the rabbithole…

May 22, 2013

Essentially the story of my working life in 2 minutes:

Now I need to know everything about Aziz Ansari.

Damn it.



Game of Thrones… 1995 style

March 18, 2013


Just. Stellar.

Not looking forward quite so much to March 31st anymore, are you?


The Evolution of Comedy is… Pranking?

June 13, 2012




Sigh… why do I start so many of these posts with a disgusted exhalation at the state of the world around me? WHY?!?!?!

I swear to you the only reason this story initially caught my attention was because it happened right around my neck of the woods in sunny Melbourne. Click the link above to read.

Key point here is that self-professed professional comedian and prankster Alki Stevens filmed the latest of his of rib-tickling pranks for YouTube, a skit where he dressed as a zombie and leapt out at unsuspecting passers-by.


I read about Stevens a while ago in our local newspaper, in a story that attempted to make an awfully big deal about the fact that he invented the internet craze ‘cone-ing’. Never heard of cone-ing? It’s where you buy an ice-cream cone from McDonalds, only to take it from the person serving you and hold it by the wrong end / start eating it in a bizarre fashion / stick it to your forehead / etc.

A business card idea for you, Mr. Stevens

As a ‘comedian’, I guess my first question for Mr. Stevens regarding his ability to jump on this zombie fad only… I don’t know… 3 or 4 years after the rest of the internet, would be… why?

More specifically?

What’s the point? What are you trying to say? What’s the ‘joke’ here? Is there even a joke? Is the joke merely to elicit some form of an instinctive response from people?

Even the worst comedy is about something. I’d buy you maybe grasping at straws, and trying to find your own humorous take on the sudden mainstream awareness / media coverage / fear of the walking dead after the now infamous ‘zombie’ attack in Miami a few weeks back… had you not gone to great pains in the story above to specifically say that the timing or any kind of link was purely coincidental.

So as far as I can tell, most of your work relies on people reacting to you doing craaaaazzzzyyyy, disgusting, or unexpected things.

Bravo. You are the fake dog poo of internet comedy.

“Think of all the intricate, well thought out pranks we could do with THIS!”

And on a side note: if I personally saw some fucktard zombie-shuffling after me (or a group of young schoolgirls… seriously you ass clown?!) while I was walking the dog, or leaving the shopping centre, or riding my bike, then yes – I’d punch him as a reflex. I’d punch him likely as hard as I possibly could.

And then I’d punch him again when I saw it was just some idiot with a handi-cam and some fake blood, playing dress-ups.

And then I’d punch him a third time. In the balls. Whilst filming it on my iPhone.

There. Am I an internet comedian and prankster now too?

Who knows… maybe I’m wrong and Alki Stevens really is a comic genius, a voice for his generation. What a shitty reflection on an entire generation that would be.

So, until someday soon when ‘Idiocracy’s’ satirical take on the future of comedy, ‘Oww My Balls’, actually becomes a reality, with its own YouTube channel and everything…

Enjoy your hi-larious pranking and internet comedy, Gen Y. 


Another reason why Patton Oswalt rules

November 23, 2011

Because yes, you CAN make me stand in the background of the opening scene of this ep of ‘The King of Queens’, AND give me absolutely nothing to do…

Just don’t be surprised if when you do, I stand there like a motionless cypher, tripping balls through a parallel galaxy that’s allll in my mind.

Check out from 0:34 to about 1:26 of that clip.


For a slightly better representation of Patton’s comedy stylings, maybe give this clip a whirl:

Ahhh, the ol’ sky cake dodge…


Internet Debating 101

August 8, 2011


Because someone who can introduce the word ‘dickfinity’ to your everyday lexicon deserves MAJOR props…


First World Problems

July 1, 2011

Scary accurate, huh?

Get into the spirit of things by momentarily feeling guilty enough to donate some money to needy peeps, before realizing you can’t be bothered logging onto PayPal to make a payment.


George Lucas Strikes Back

June 10, 2011


thanks to


Are you ready to join the Martin Lawrence Movement?

February 15, 2011

Man. Myth. Icon. Large Mother.

… or the M.L.M for short.

You know, life is far too short to spend consumed with regret, and I’m a big enough man to admit when I’m wrong. And so, I have a confession to make, a revelation which has profoundly changed me.

Martin Lawrence is a comedic genius.


I said it.

Now we may have had our doubts in the past…

We may have lamented his seeming lack of range, or his choice of extremely similar roles over and over and over again (cop, thief, cop, cop, cop, thief, cop, animated bear).

We may have scoffed at his ability to headline comedic-action flicks.

We may have wished Will Smith and Michael Bay each a thousand deaths for propelling Martin’s career into the stratosphere with ‘Bad Boys’.

We may have even posed sarcastically beside his handprints outside Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in L.A last year.

If you'd guessed the (obscured) look on my face was less than impressed, you'd be correct.

But. I. Was. Wrong.

How do I know this?

Observe… the trailer for Lawrence’s latest instant classic, ‘Big Momma’s: Like Father, Like Son’:

Now, the ollllld Monkey, pre ML-conversion, would rant. He’d rail. He’d point out the cliched set-up, villains, setting, characterization, slapstick, soundtrack, and so on and so on.

Not anymore.

Because last weekend at my local Hoyt’s theatre, as this trailer played before me on the big screen, I realized what should have been obvious all along:

Martin Lawrence is serving us a parody of Martin Lawrence. He’s gone Meta!

In the era of ‘Disaster Movie’, and ‘Epic Movie’, and ‘Scary Movie 47’, Lawrence has transcended comedy by giving us a parody of a Martin Lawrence film with a completely straight face!

I mean, come on… a third Big Momma’s House flick?!? Who do you know that sat all the way through BMH2 and asked “But what happened next?”

This is incredible. Having lost Leslie Nielsen just a few short months ago, are we witnessing a Nielsen-like rebirth for Martin?

Only time will tell.

Until then, I salute you, Mr. Lawrence, for daring to take a risk and make the stupidest movie possible, all in the name of art.

And to think, if 20th Century Fox had just timed their run at awards season a little better…


… and stop calling me Shirley

December 3, 2010

Rest in peace, Leslie Nielsen…

May Zuckers guide you whilst flying high.


Good Evening Godless Sodomites

September 9, 2010

Unquestionably the highlight of the most recent Emmy Awards:

In the future, wouldn’t it be nice if awards shows ONLY featured Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Neil Patrick Harris & Betty White?

Well, we can dream, can’t we…