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Sex & The City 2 – Who’s our target audience again?

May 26, 2010

Interesting to see that Carrie Bradshaw can somehow still create controversy…

All that sand, but where's the camel(toe)?

‘Sex & The City 2’ opens in cinemas worldwide next week, and early reviews have been pretty scathing about one specific aspect of the narrative:

This movie, it seems, is anti-Muslim.

The Hollywood Reporter was one of the first to denounce the film as being incredibly offensive. Hadley Freeman from the UK ‘Daily Mailwrote, “Not since 1942’s Arabian Nights has orientalism been portrayed so unironically. All Middle Eastern men are shot in a sparkly light with jingly jangly music just in case you didn’t get that these dusky people are exotic and different“.

I’m sure there’s some flimsy reason for the girls to travel to Abu Dhabi for their Cosmopolitan’s, and I can totally see how a scene involving local women casting aside their burqa for a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s and the latest couture might be construed as not especially racially sensitive.

But seriously…

Dem. O. Graphics. Look it up.

I’m sure after the movie grosses $100+ million opening week, Michael Patrick King will be devastated about all the money that they’ve lost by not catering to the Muslim audience.

Bear in mind we’re talking about the same franchise that featured one token black woman in the original film. Jennifer Hudson acted as Carrie’s assistant, gratefully accepted her hand me down’s, and left the big city to return home to the ol’ South by movie’s end… Hmmmmm…

A three-dimensional Muslim character will turn up eventually… but they’ll probably have to come up with a fully fleshed out Black, Asian and/or male character first.

Enjoy your girls night out, ladies…



25-words-or-less movie review: ‘The Blind Side’

May 9, 2010

Even if you’re black, so long as you have unparalleled natural sporting ability, endless wealth and Sandy Bullock behind you, you can achieve anything.


25-words-or-less movie review: ‘Cannibal! The Musical’

April 26, 2010

Really early Parker & Stone, doing what they do best: write musicals.

It’s pure Troma, super cheap and cheesy.

For fans only.



25-words-or-less movie review: ‘Hot Rod’

April 18, 2010

Two words: Punch-Dancing.

Two more: Isla F’n Fisher.

Awesome supporting cast.

Cool Beans?

And that’s how it’s done…


25-words-or-less movie review: ‘Date Night’

April 11, 2010

Slow start but lotsa fun.

Ahh Tina Fey… the one woman it’s completely socially acceptable to ogle, in any company.

Or is that just me?


25-words-or-less movie review: ‘Cop Out’

March 23, 2010

From antagonist, to premise, to script, to score, to performances… sooooooo 80’s.

Bruce seemed bored.

Sean Scott + Tracey Morgan = spark.

Bloated retro fun.


25-words-or-less movie review: ‘W.’

March 10, 2010

Surprisingly even-handed portrayal.

Weird mix of great performances and bad caricatures.

Bush had daddy-issues it seems.

Well… ? IS our children learning?!?


25-words-or-less movie review: ‘The Wolf Man’

February 15, 2010

I could watch Hopkins & Weaving read the phonebook.

Not completely convinced by Benicio.

Is to decapitations what ‘Daybreakers’ was to exploding bodies.

Not bad.