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Sweet dreams are made of this

May 29, 2010

What’s that? You wanna be the coolest kid at your next sleepover? Well now, you can be!

Thanks to your very own…

‘Star Wars’ themed Tauntaun Sleeping Bag!

That’s right! Because nothing says comfort like crawling into the disemboweled belly of your shaggy ride from Hoth.

I know, I know... if I had kids I wouldn't let this guy near them either.

Bonus points to the inimitable Chutson for being the first person I showed this to who correctly responded with:

And I thought they smelled bad… on the outside…

And don’t forget kids, coming soon – the all new Chewbacca Personal Grooming Kit!

Sorry, but I HAD to find a way to include this picture. You understand, right?

Because sometimes even a Wookiee likes to look like he’s made an effort.